Hi, I’m Natalie! I’m a dog owner and I do my best to live an active lifestyle. About 4 years ago I adopted my dog Thor. Since then, he has learned to jog, camp, and even canoe. I'm here to help you to make your pupper a part of your active lifestyle too!

Camping with your dog: the ultimate guide

Summer camping is one of my all-time favorite activities. The only thing better than camping is camping with dogs! Many people hesitate to bring their dog camping. That may be a good idea if your dog has health issues or doesn’t have an outdoorsy personality. But for an energetic dog who enjoys the outdoors, camping can be a real treat. Thor (my black-lab mix) has been on two multi-day backcountry canoe trips where he had the time of his life! Although both trips had some challenges, being well prepared paid off.

Career: how to become a dog trainer

All dog owners want a well-behaved and easy going dog. This requires proper care, exercise, and of course training. If you have considered a career in dog training, a huge market for your services awaits! There are many opportunities to help others train their dogs. There are even charitable opportunities to help dogs and people with special needs. This can be a dog lover’s dream come true! But how do you navigate making the leap? Start your journey today with these tips.

Career: become a professional dog walker

If you are a dog owner, chances are you have hired a dog walker at some point. When I was working in an office 9-5 I hired a dog walker. My dog Thor needed someone to come by around noon daily. A dog walker allowed him to get some exercise, checked his food and water, and took him for a bathroom break. If you are in good shape and enjoy spending time with dogs, this could be a great job for you. Check out the tips below to get started on your journey to become a professional dog walker.

How to get free dog stuff and save money

Ohh yeah free stuff! Who doesn’t love it? It’s always great if you can find something for free that you were planning to buy anyways. No matter how deep your pockets are. As any dog parent knows, there are many costs associated with caring for your dog and they can add up fast. If you are a dog parent on a tight budget, a few free things here and there can really make a big difference. You might be surprised how much free dog stuff is actually available to you if you know where to look.

DIY: How to build a dog house

From Snoopy’s modest red dog house to Paris Hilton’s doggy mansion – fabulous dogs need a fabulous dog house! Pamper your pet like a celebrity, with his or her own special outdoor space. Made with love, you can customize a dog house to suit any yard. I live in a condo, but if I had a backyard, you bet I would be building one! Check out these tips and tricks for how to build a dog house that will make your dog enjoy your yard even more.

First Aid: How to remove a tick from your dog

Yuck. The thought alone of ticks freaks most people out. They are the creepy crawlies infested with disease. A scary fact of life. As a dog owner, ticks are a real concern all around the world. To keep our dogs healthy and safe, ticks are something that we need to educate ourselves about. Knowing how to remove a tick from a dog can prevent disease.

Running with your dog: The ultimate guide

Running with your dog is a fantastic way to keep both of you in shape, and many dogs love it. Are you a new jogger or is it a part of your fitness routine? Either way, bringing along your dog is a great bonding experience. My black lab mix Thor grins from ear to ear when he is jogging alongside me! But not so fast… there are a few things to consider before lacing up your sneakers and heading out on your first run with fido.

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