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Top five: best dog travel bowls

If you like weekend getaways or backpacking with your dog, it can be convenient to have a bowl for travel. Travel dog bowls are designed to be more portable. While you might have larger raised bowls at home, this is not convenient for car travel or to fit into your pack. Here is what to look for when shopping for the best dog travel bowl.

Lightweight dog travel bowls

This is my top priority when selecting any items for hiking or camping. When you have to carry all your items in packs, it is worthwhile to select every item with this in mind. Your back will thank you. For car trips, it may not be as big of a concern. Even if there is a slim chance you will go on a hiking trip, a multi-use bowl doesn’t hurt. You will be able to easily add it to your beach bag or your overstuffed suitcase.


Speaking of overstuffed suitcases, you want to shop for dog travel bowls that are easy to pack. This means silicone or nylon is your friend. A large rigid bowl can be a bit awkward. You want to make sure the experience of traveling with your dog is as easy going as you can make it. Carrying a large awkward bowl around will not enhance your experience. Remember, you won’t only need a bowl. You will also need all your other doggy items. Like food, water, treats, bedding, and toys.  It will probably get annoying if these aren’t all very packable. If you are annoyed enough this could even make you reconsider bringing along fido in the future. That is not the experience I want you to have when traveling with your dog.


Select a quality dog travel bowl. You will want to reuse this item again for future travel. It’s a total waste of money to cheap out here. If your bowl breaks or cracks while you are traveling, you will have to go to the trouble of shopping. In the wilderness, that is not an option. You may end up using a human bowl or something that isn’t really designed for dogs. In a pinch, you can get away with that. But, it’s definitely not ideal. Using a human bowl may even confuse your dog since they are used to having their own. They may hesitate to eat as much as usual.

My dog Thor is a bit of an anxious eater. Usually, when we travel or even visit my family for the weekend, he needs some encouragement to eat. For this reason, he has a devoted feeding station at my parent’s home for when he visits. We also have a set of aluminum bowls dedicated to camping. One trip, I tried to switch them to lightweight nylon bowls. He didn’t like them at all and refused to eat. He got lots of snacks, and dinner scraps so he was okay. But, this experience was worrying. Don’t make my mistake. Test out any new bowls at home before your trip. I won’t be switching his travel bowls again!

Many bowls also include a warranty or guarantee. I always like to select items that have after-sales customer support and a reputable brand. Usually, this means the item will be better quality. In my experience, the longer the warranty, the better the quality.

Travel dog bowls should be a bright color

For camping and hiking, I always like to choose equipment in bright colors. This is for safety and visibility. If there is any kind of emergency, your campsite will be easier to locate if your items are all bright colors. Camouflage is a no-no for me. The last thing I want is to completely blend in with the wilderness around me. If you are a hunter, you may feel differently.

It is also easier to pack up a campsite when your items are hot pink and lime green. It is also hard to forget something in the car when it has a bright color. This gives me the confidence that I will not leave anything behind.

Always consider your dog’s unique needs

Finally, all bowls do not suit all dogs. This is true for any pet supplies. The size of your dog and his or her eating habits should be considered. For a very messy eater, you might need to carry a bowl with some weight to it. Even though it’s ideal to get something more lightweight, you don’t want Rex to knock the bowl over. If your pooch is going to spill all his food without it, the weight is worthwhile. Some dogs don’t like collapsible bowls. Make sure you test out the bowl at home beforehand. Make sure your dog will not reject it for your entire trip. There are even bowls designed to rest on the floor of a car without spilling for long drives.

Top five best dog travel bowls

YAKA 2-Pack Collapsible Silica Gel Dog Bowl

A simple and straightforward set of collapsible bowls. These are available in two sizes and a variety of bright colors. These are very lightweight and have convenient carabiners to attach to your backpack. They are silicone, so I would not choose this for a dog who is a big chewer. But, you can train your pooch. Supervise them while eating and drinking and discouraging any chewing on the bowl. Check price here.


  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Carabiners to clip to backpack or leash
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Two bowls included
  • Small or large size available
  • Bright colors
  • Easy to rinse out


  • May slip around if your dog is a messy eater
  • May not suit dogs who are prone to chewing

KALLAK Travel Pet Bowls Duo

This bowl set is very packable since it folds down into a cd sized case. It is made from BPA free silicone. The case provides a base for the bowls, and they can be detached. This makes it a little more stable when placed on the ground. Max capacity is large 3.5 cups or 28 oz for each bowl. Check price here.


  • Packable
  • Cd sized case
  • BPA free silicone
  • Velcro attaches bowls to base
  • Sturdy base
  • Large capacity
  • Carabiner clip can attach to backpack or leash
  • Easy to detach from base to clean
  • Maybe a good choice for messy dogs


  • No warranty
  • Strap that carabiner is attached to is pretty thin material

YETI Boomer Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

If your dog is like mine and hates collapsable bowls this may be a good option. It is also good for messy eaters and dogs who tend to spill their food or water. The non-slip ring is very heavy duty. It’s rust-resistant and tough. This bowl will last the test of time. This holds 4 cups of food, so it may be too large for a smaller dog. Check price here.


  • Spill-Proof
  • Stainless steel won’t rust or dent
  • Good for messy eaters
  • Good for large dogs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good for dogs who don’t like collapsable bowls


  • More difficult to pack then a collapsible bowl
  • Heavier than silicone bowls
  • Only includes one bowl

EAXBUX Portable Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

This bowl is a good travel option for a pup who normally uses a slow feeder. These types of bowls slow down your dog’s eating with a maze-like pattern they need to nose around to eat. It is collapsible and has a carabiner to attach to a leash or backpack. It is TPE material and is 100% BPA free. Holds up to 4.2 cups of food or water. Check price here.


  • Travel option for dogs who usually use a slow feeder
  • Reduces gulping and reduces the risk of bloat
  • BPA free
  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • Carabiner attached to clip onto backpack or leash


  • May be difficult to clean around grooves
  • Not suitable for dogs who may chew on it
  • Not suitable for dogs who knock over bowls

Top Dog Travel Bag

This is not only travel bowls, but a whole airline approved travel kit for your dog. If you are taking your pup on a plane, this can be their carry on. It has many compartments and pockets to store your dog’s items. This kit includes food storage containers and collapsable bowls that hold up to 8 cups. The total storage of this kit is 26 cups of food, so you can use this for up to a weeklong trip without worry. This product also includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check price here.


  • Travel kit contains food storage and bowls
  • Holds up to a week of food
  • 8 cups per bowl
  • 26 cups total with the storage containers
  • Durable
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Bowls are not BPA free
  • May not be ideal for lightweight camping


When selecting a dog bowl for travel, it is important to consider your unique pupper’s needs. If your dog may knock over collapsible bowls consider a set with a base like KALLAK Travel Pet Bowls Duo. If your dog requires a heavy-duty bowl, consider the YETI Boomer Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. Since my dog hates collapsable bowls and rejects food in them, I would choose this bowl. For a gulper, don’t risk taking them out of routine with a regular bowl while traveling. Select a collapsible slow feeder bowl like EAXBUX Portable Dog Slow Feeder Bowl.

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