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Wellness Trend: The benefits of CBD for dogs

CBD has been a major buzzword for the last few years. With more and more countries legalizing cannabis, CBD is now available in many areas. CBD (aka cannabidiol) has a stellar reputation. It’s not only for humans, but there are also dog treats and tinctures for pets on the market! There are many benefits of CBD for dogs.

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first aid

First Aid: How to remove a tick from your dog

Yuck. The thought alone of ticks freaks most people out. They are the creepy crawlies infested with disease. A scary fact of life. As a dog owner, ticks are a real concern all around the world. To keep our dogs healthy and safe, ticks are something that we need to educate ourselves about. Knowing how to remove a tick from a dog can prevent disease.

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dog supplies

Top five: best dog water bowls

Dog water bowls seem so simple, but selecting one can be tricky. Getting the best water bowl for your dog will help to enhance their feeding experience.

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do it yourself

DIY: dog paw balm recipe

Hot pavement, long walks, ice, and snow. These all cause wear and tear on your pup’s delicate paw pads. Paw’s need to be moisturized. It

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