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Running with your dog: The ultimate guide

Running with your dog is a fantastic way to keep both of you in shape, and many dogs love it. Are you a new jogger or is it a part of your fitness routine? Either way, bringing along your dog is a great bonding experience. My black lab mix Thor grins from ear to ear when he is jogging alongside me! But not so fast… there are a few things to consider before lacing up your sneakers and heading out on your first run with fido.

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DIY: How to build a dog house

From Snoopy’s modest red dog house to Paris Hilton’s doggy mansion – fabulous dogs need a fabulous dog house! Pamper your pet like a celebrity, with his or her own special outdoor space. Made with love, you can customize a dog house to suit any yard. I live in a condo, but if I had a backyard, you bet I would be building one! Check out these tips and tricks for how to build a dog house that will make your dog enjoy your yard even more.

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Hiking with your dog: the ultimate guide

Hiking with your dog is a great way to enjoy nature and stay active. If you live a few minutes away from a trail, consider yourself lucky. Many city dwellers (like myself) love making a weekend day trip for a trek! With a bit of preparation, your dog can be the ideal hiking companion.

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Camping with your dog: the ultimate guide

Summer camping is one of my all-time favorite activities. The only thing better than camping is camping with dogs! Many people hesitate to bring their dog camping. That may be a good idea if your dog has health issues or doesn’t have an outdoorsy personality. But for an energetic dog who enjoys the outdoors, camping can be a real treat. Thor (my black-lab mix) has been on two multi-day backcountry canoe trips where he had the time of his life! Although both trips had some challenges, being well prepared paid off.

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